WEEKLY TRADE 25/02/2013 – 01/03/2013

this week, as usual effect by Italy to talk about themselves in the world because of the election,
and the volatility in the markets do not have to wait, I’m proud to be Italian, Italians do it better,
this chanting the singer Madonna in 80s sporting a beautiful written on a T-shirt during his concerts.
Italy is in the eye of the storm, not because it is weak, in fact the prize Npbel Milton Friedman (1912-2006) recited ……
“If Italy stands still standing is thanks to the work and to tax evasion … the evader in Italy is a patriot, ”
but that absurd for the banking system is the strongest and richest of Europe, and always gets the spoils Italian throat,
as has often happened in the past from Caovur.
I think in the very short term bearish cycle is unloaded and that soon we may have to go up perhaps for the last cycle of rising in the first half,
momentum indicators sscarichi and high volatility in fits and starts characterize a bullish trend we will see a little bit,
to return to politics and in reference to the demands of proliferating conditions antievasioni and recovery of money by taxing the people
by foreign states which affect the Ns choices I reply with the words of of the Roman senator
Publius Cornelius Tacitus “The corruption of the republic comes from the proliferation of laws.”
hello next week
This analysis is not an invitation to invest!
1 week marzo
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