WEEKLY TRADE 19/02/2013 – 22/02/2013

This week it’s characterized by a recovery down prices,
enough content and low volume too high as to suggest
a deep and serious correction, while confirming a short downward trend evident.
However, how absurd it may seem, it is necessary to wait for the Italian political decisions, in fact,
47 million Italians will choose those who shake the political economic relations
with the rest of the planet, and the rest of you knows the Italian genius is very requested.
Beyond all expectations, the trend remains bearish in the short and
if you were to increase the volatility of the confirmation of the media should trigger
the fuse for the explosion of a moving V-shooting Otherwise,
the technical picture may remain bearish view of the proximity cyclic shift
will also be necessary to analyze properly the technical globally.
I’ll see you next week bye
This analysis is not an invitation to invest!
20 02 2013 ucg iw
minisp500220213 ftsemib22022013 eurfx22022013 bund22022013 ucg22022013

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