WEEKLY TRADE 26/11/2012 – 30/11/2012


sweet …… do anything …. and yes I’m already on vacation for this very quietly do what I want or I go here and there to the city,

I go up and down the house, put some drive, as I do a DJ for the past 22 years, and devoted much time to the family … the roots!
December 7/2012 my friends Traderlink Trading Library and SOS Trader organizes the famous Italian Trading Forum, the best meeting in Italy about Trading world,

on the Hotel Ramada near the central station of the beautiful and adorable Naples, will be present as a speaker and certainly meet my friends.

in the meantime are still quite bullish on the market, it is almost at the end of a mini downward cycle but then the road will definitely increase the esplanade soon bye bye…

This analysis is not an invitation to invest!


30 11 2012

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