WEEKLY TRADE 19/11/2012 – 23/11/2012

This week I had little desire to work …. a bit for the holiday of Thanksgiving, a little bit about what happens in lmondo,
a little bit because there is a clear perception of the world “consumer.”
But touch always be positive and then very slowly I tried to get started ….the operational opportunities were few indeed
are most of the games are being made, you just have to wait for the good panettone Christmas arrives on your table 😉
I remain always projected towards a recovery in the global economy unlike some political Italian and European railed against finance …
but you should explain to these gentlemen that economics and finance are both children of the same mother,
and that they would do well to give birth to ideas that facilitate the real economy rather than taxing those guarantees with ‘real economy or the financial!
cmq the market was before these gentlemen and independently of these gentlemen will continue to be;-)
the bond market started him off to make room for monetary recovery, and consequently the equity segment, we use a little bit more this trend enjoying this desire of doing nothing ….
good weekend
This analysis is not an invitation to invest!

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