WEEKLY TRADE 12/11/2012 – 17/11/2012

Upon returning from vacation I found a sideways market, the deadlines as always affect this particular motion.
Actually holidays are not exactly been, I did a trading coach at the trading room of a friend of mine, it had been years since I’d done, I was happy and delighted, in fact I confirmed my thesis on trading.
I think the trading and consists only of solto 3 key factors:
1° Psychology 95%
………….. and it will seem strange, but only 0.01% is the technical element of this ranking …. maybe only those who “sailed” can confirm my thesis;-)
returning to the market …. the next bottom…… in my humble opinion, should ensure the assumptions bullish, according to my study cycle, but it is always best to check prices rather than ideas.
good weekend to see u all soon
This analysis is not an invitation to invest!
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