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WEEKLY TRADE 22/10/2012 – 26/10/2012

I really love my job and I have worked hard for years, I have studied and tried everything I licked the earth after the defeat and slowly I am raised I owe a lot to many and nothing at all because if I had not counted on my strength would not be still here ! this is dedicated to all sorts those who contacted me and contact me, I sometimes misbehave with those who deserve it, but with the humble as I dispense advice based on experience!
experience the true journey that counts!
The market is expected to soon test the minimum and wipe out some parasites which I think is going to happen soon poiliticamente, it is called Tobin Tax, but the Nobel Prize did not recommend the use! europe approves it would increase greatly if the gap with the other continents production and are under speculative pressure much stronger than ours, on the other hand nothing will change for mè will adjust the trading of what will happen!
I enclose the usual graphical ones Trado but especially for those who mè represent the “Market Drive!” Bund still never recovers from roll over but he will return to roar! Eur Fx that suffers a bit overbought and same goes for Italian banks.
I’ll see good weekend …………..
This analysis is not an invitation to invest!

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Benvenuto da Sante Pellegrino, ho studiato Sociologia, ho conseguito un Master in BANKING & FINANCIAL MARKET Bond Trader, Market Maker e Managing Partner per Istituzioni Finanziarie dal 1998. Specialist in Direct Market Access, Mifid II ed ESMA, ho lavorato come PMO per Electronic Brokerage e High Frequency Firm. La mia competenza si estende anche alla programmazione di piattaforme come Tradestation, Multicharts, Bloomberg, Choerence By List e ORC By Itiviti. Nel 2003, ho creato la prima Trading Room Italiana autorizzata da BankIt & Consob con INTESATRADE (Banca Intesa). Ho formato oltre 2500 Trader, oltre 300 Consulenti Finanziari e oltre 150 Gestori e Trader Professional. Collaboro con WeBank, contribuendo allo sviluppo della piattaforma di trading T3. Speaker per Borsa Italiana, CME, Eurex, BCE, ed eventi ITF, TolExpò, CFNCNBC, LeFontiTV e Banche. Autore di, Founder di Esplora con me i mercati di Borsa da Piazza Affari a Wall Street!

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