WEEKLY TRADE 19/07/2013 – 26/07/2013

steadily recovering concetrarmi on my return to work,
I was attracted by the title Enel because I thought it was forming a Reverse Island after several negative sessions,
ecosystem I decided to dive in, well I did, the only interesting title, there are others, and I would say a lot but
at the moment there seems to be in short a brief deployment, we will as always be done.
Meanwhile, the heat is felt and the desire to devote myself to the sea is not easy,
I have to admit I’m a bit lazy and sonocostretto instead to roll up my sleeves and give me to do;-) good weekend to all
This analysis is not an invitation to invest!
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15 07 2013 webank enel 26 07 2013 webank enel

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