WEEKLY TRADE 16/09/2013 – 20/09/2013

hello to all traders, I started to do my job, I do not miss the holiday,
after a month then I’m pretty laid back,
I have come across in the new windows 8 and I must say it actually is a lot more slender and faster personal computers,
however, the app I just can not digest it …. oh well
busy week full of appointments with america that still holds revved up the stock market,
we are also close to a change of the vertices of the FED that I have to say all in all gave a hand and support in a completely correct,
but this only history will decide.
I am always “bullish” until some signs seriously and I do not suggest more defined,
in short a transfer price will be healthy but I’m pretty confident and optimistic about the world to its economy and to the social,
I’ll be ready soon publish more specific analysis and perhaps timely for the moment I wish you a good weekend and good trading
This analysis is not an invitation to invest!
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webankxblog 19 09 2013

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