WEEKLY TRADE 02/04/2013 – 05/04/2013

go on vacation is good ….. but we must keep an eye on the diet,
in fact the Easter holidays with various chocolate eggs tend to bloat a bit too ….
and to think that in the “Americas” a few centuries ago was paid in commodities or with cocoa coffee etc,
but who knows as would have been live that time …
and perhaps precisely swelling of the chocolate led the markets to the bottom,
we could review some peak in April but surely the uptrend is very bad and we must wait patiently signs of change that I think will soon arrive ….
in the meantime, with the advance of spring return to training, in fact I have to speed up the training!
good wek end and the next
This analysis is not an invitation to invest!
webank 04 04 2013

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