Wall Street BULLISH on jobs?

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Wall Street BULLISH on jobs?

Despite the fact that the negative non-agricultural payrolls wallstreet scores a rally on Friday.

The rally is driven by a jobs report sufficient to cool down some, but not all, of the talk about a recession in 2020.

New data of NONFARM PAYROLLS are -136 k from the preivous one 168 k


Wall Street recovers more than 50% lost during the most volatile week of the second financial half.

The price levels to follow on the main US indices are for the thecnologies index :


For Bullish Trend Resistence 7795 – 7975 – 8075 / For Bearish Trend Support 7620 – 7525 – 7400 – 7045

nasdaq 04 10 2019

and for the major stocks index :


For Bullish Trend Resistence 2945 – 2985 – 3022  / For Bearish Trend Support 2895 – 2815 – 2960

sp 500 04 10 2019

Fortunately, after a short rally to the up side, the volatility of the stocks also decreased.

The VIX the implied volatility index on shares has returned to fall and calms the “stirred” waters of the financial equity seas.


For Bearish Trend Resistence 18.75 – 20.85 / For Bullish Trend Support 15.50 – 13.50

On stock market the news that has warmed the spirits and the tensions in the world of the tv in streaming is that which Walt Disney banning Netflix ads on its TV networks.

The trading level on THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY are

For Bullish Trend Resistence 133.80 – 138.70 / 141.32 / For Bearish Trend Support 129 – 126.30 – 123


walt disney

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